What is the 360 weight loss program?

360 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM® is an innovative approach for weight loss clinic in Lebanon created by 3C Medical that guarantees success and gives our members a satisfactory experience. The weight-loss program is exclusively available at the Crystal Care Clinic and has produced success rates of over 95%.

360 weight loss program is the best weight approach for weight loss clinic in Lebanon, delivering targeted, measurable results for a lifetime without any modifications. Careful planning and an organized program with all professionals understand each client’s weight loss process and personalize the treatment plans before beginning a new lifestyle.

As the name indicates, The Program is a complete solution combining a nutritional diet, slimming technologies, and food supplements with guaranteed results.

Clients can lose between 5 & 15 Kg according to their weight goals and preferences.

Benefits of the program

One benefit of using the 360 weight loss program at Crystal Care Clinic is that you can receive professional help and support in reaching your weight loss goals. You can get tailored advice and support to help you healthily lose weight and access a wide range of weight loss services and treatments.

The benefits of using the services of a weight loss clinic include:

  • Reductions in body fat
  • Improved cardiorespiratory health
  • Improvements in mood and self-esteem.

Our program Sequence


Knowing your body composition at the beginning can help us assess health and fitness level. We monitor this often throughout the program to see how progress is going.


According to body composition analysis and the patient’s weight goals, registered nutritionists will create a customized diet that fits his personal taste, desires and health-related goals. Our customized plan for is made up of weekly consultations with dietitians who provide assessments on metabolic reactions to certain food groups every week. This allows them to stay motivated and on track as they monitor their progress.


A- Verju Green Laser Sessions

A laser that has been proved to reduce the circumference of the waist, hips, and thighs and remove cellulite.
The Verju laser system is the only FDA-approved green laser.
The Verju laser uses six low-frequency laser beams that sweep across an area of the body to help treat the issue at hand without doing damage from touching the area and resorting to pain. This is a smart and effective solution for non-invasive treatment for both fat loss and cellulite.

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B- Radiofrequency & Ultrasound Cavitation Sessions

Ultrasound cavitation allows the progressive increase of the permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane, which means the removal of the fatty acids from these cells with consequent elimination of adipocytes (fat cells) through the lymphatic and circulatory system. Radiofrequency Treatment stimulates natural fibroblasts which is necessary in producing collagen and elastin, therefore improving body contour, and treating skin laxity. These 2 technologies are necessary to treat fat adiposity and sagging skin, resulting in a better shape and firmer bodyy


360 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM® is complemented with a line of dietary supplements appropriate for each individual. These supplements were selected to meet the nutritional needs during periods of dietary restrictions and to promote more effective weight loss.

The 360 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM® utilizes 5 categories of dietary supplements:

  • Diuretics
  • Liver Support
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Weight loss enhancers
  • Complementary Supplements

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