Buttock augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Description and Benefits:

A Brazilian butt lift is a specialized fat transfer procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implants. Excess fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs, and a portion of this fat is then strategically injected into the buttocks (lipofilling).

Unlike other forms of buttock surgery, such as placement of silicone buttock implants, a Brazilian butt lift is touted for providing more natural-looking results while also creating more roundness in your backside.

It can also help address certain issues, such as the sagging and shapelessness that sometimes occur with age.

You might also consider the procedure if you’re bothered by figure imbalances that make it difficult to wear clothing comfortably.


Brazilian butt lift results are meant to last for many years. Fat cells removed will not return to the area, and fat cells that survive transfer to the buttocks will remain for years to come. However, significant weight fluctuations can affect your results, so maintain a stable weight to keep your results looking their best.

Results are typically final within 6 months of surgery, after residual swelling has gone away and you are fully healed. By this time, your curvier buttocks and improved lower body proportions will be noticeable in how you look and in the way clothing fits.

Who can have this surgery?

It’s always a good idea to check with a cosmetic surgeon before considering a Brazilian butt lift. You might be a candidate if you:

  • Lost your natural shape due to age or weight fluctuations
  • Have enough fat stores in your hips and other areas for grafting
  • Are at a healthy weight and Lead a healthy lifestyle overall, which includes regular exercise
  • Haven’t had any recent infections or complications related to surgery


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