Hair Mesotherapy

Description and Benefits:

Hair loss can appear because of various reasons: unbalanced diet, stress, unsuitable hair care products, genetics, pregnancy or other medical factors. Mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods when it comes to treating hair loss and androgenic alopecia.

Mesotherapy is a method where revitalizing ingredients are applied with thin needles in the scalp. Biologically active ingredients, also called “beauty cocktails”, go directly into hair follicles and instantly start nourishing the hair.

Hair mesotherapy cocktails consist of various agents that nourish the hair, and improve blood and oxygen supply to the scalp. Main ingredients – low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, dexpanthenol, clover blossom extract, carnosine, organic silicon and growth factors. A cocktail of such composition allows to perform an effective mesotherapy treatment for androgenic alopecia, hair loss and hair weakening process prevention. These agents help strengthen the structure of the hair, restore the hair and stimulate hair growth. Mesotherapy is performed for a few or a dozen of times depending on individual condition and patient’s needs. Mesotherapy can help reduce the effects of hair loss significantly. It also saturates the skin with moisture and valuable, necessary substances.

Who can have this treatment?

Mesotherapy is suitable for women and men of all ages who are facing androgenic hair loss problems – sun damaged hair, or hair and scalp depleted from other matters. This treatment is also suitable for those who want fuller, healthier and shiny hair.  Mesotherapy is not performed for pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from autoimmune diseases, people with active herpes or other infectious skin diseases.

How many treatments do I need?

If a person has minor hair loss, 2 to 4 sessions might be enough.

On the other hand, if a person has a significant level of hair loss, several sessions might be required to treat the problem.

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