PRP Hair Loss Treatment

What is this treatment?

Hair loss is an unfortunate fact of life for many men and women.It can be caused by several factors including hereditary, poor nutrition, infections, hormones, pregnancy, stress, prolonged illnesses, etc.

At Crystal Care Clinic, we use Platelet rich plasma stem cell treatment, to treat hair loss in both men and women.

In the PRP procedure, we will first take a sample of your blood and spin it down to extract the platelet-rich plasma, then we add our signature active ingredients to get the best results.

Proteins get absorbed into the hair follicular bed and in turn nourish the hair follicles, make them lively, give them fuller look and prevent hair from split ends and dryness. They also activate the hair roots, which are in the dormant stage and induce hair growth within months.

Who can have this treatment?

During your consultation, our doctor will assess if you can have this treatment.  PRP therapy is most effective for those in the early stages of hair loss or for patients who are not candidates for surgery. The treatment is also ideal for women who prefer to avoid hair surgery or do not have enough quality donor hair for a transplant.

How many treatments do I need?

3 treatments in a 4–6 week period are recommended, with maintenance treatments every 4–6 months.

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