Non-Surgical Face/Neck Lifting and Tightening

What is this treatment?

As you grow older, your skin changes. Collagen and elastin start to break down causing your skin to become loose and sag. Fortunately, there are options to tighten the skin that don’t require injections or surgery. Skin tightening treatments can help lift and tone the neck, face, chin, eyebrows, by stimulating your collagen production.

Our Procedure

At Crystal Care Clinic, we offer the most effective noninvasive technologies for face and neck lifting. Our signature Skin Tightening Treatment is guaranteed to provide you with amazing results, restoring your skin’s youthful appearance.

The SHIFU treatment (Super High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which target the SMAS ) creates a series of small thermal ‘traumas’ in the sub-dermal layers until reaching deep into the connective tissue between the skin and muscle responsible for the collapse of that tissue over time and skin laxity. The acoustic waves used concentrate on the areas that are well defined subcutaneously, increasing the temperature in the matrix of focused points. As a result, a retraction of the muscle area is generated, raising the structure of the face with a lifting effect comparable to that of surgery.

Our LightPod laser offers a uniquely non-invasive skin tightening treatment to stimulate healthy collagen and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. This process will help firm healthy skin, get rid of any red or brown spots as well as help fill in wrinkles without any patient downtime.

This treatment will make your skin smoother, more hydrated and firmer in just a few treatments.

Who can have this treatment?

This treatment is only for people who have begun to experience signs of skin sagging later in life, and our therapist will assess whether or not this treatment will be effective for you.

Face & Neck Lifting in Lebanon
Face & Neck Lifting in Lebanon

How many treatments do I need?

Usually one to four treatments are recommended with prolonged periods of observation dependent on results. The number of sessions needed will be decided by the patient’s response and it could take as long as 30 to 45 days to assess


Before the procedure
Before any procedure, we will provide you with a consultation to discuss your options in detail and answer all of your questions about the treatment.
At Crystal Care Clinic, we believe in the importance of self-care. As such, we offer a range of non-surgical alternatives to face and neck lifting that are designed to rejuvenate the skin and tighten the underlying tissue.

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