What is a 3D-Hydro2 facial, and why
should you get a 3d-Hydro2 facial this

what is the best facial treatment?

Experts in skin care, we at Crystal Care Clinic adore the 3D-hydro2 Facial for
its excellent results.
If you’re looking for healthy skin, this popular facial treatment is one of your
most acceptable options.
3D-Hydro2 Facial is a 7in1 technology complete facial solution with minimal
to no side effects and results that are visible right away. It hydrates and
nourishes the skin, detoxifies, improves congestion, and minimizes the
appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and open pores, resulting in glowing,
brighter, more youthful-looking skin.

3D-HYDRO2 FACIAL Process - The Best Facial Treatment

1. HydroPeel/ Deep Cleanse: combines three solutions to clean and smooth the skin utilizing an AHA-based product. It hydrates and nourishes the skin using an RHOligopeptide-1 and Acetyl Hexapeptide basis. With a BHA-based treatment, bacteria and irritated skin are improved.
2. Exfoliation: enables the skin to absorb oxygen. Kojic acid and retinol, the main components, have a moisturizing and brightening effect.
3. Oxygenation: This spray produces a venturi action that breaks down the product’s components to promote skin hydration.
4. Electro ion – skin lifting: this procedure increases cell absorbency for product penetration through electroporation. As a result, the skin is revitalized and given new life.
5. Skin tightening: Radiofrequency technology is applied to enhance collagen formation in mature skin. Skin tightening is ideal for incorporating into an anti-aging facial.
6. Hydration: ultrasound technology is used for product infusion.
7. Fire and ice: Heat is added to the face at the beginning of the facial using an applicator to open pores, boost blood flow, and facilitate product infusion. Using cooling technology, the “cryo facial” cools the skin to 5 °C. This is used to tighten the skin and lock in the infused products towards the end of the facial by reducing the blood supply. This aids in easing any post-treatment erythema.
what is the best facial treatment?

What are the side effects of the 3D-Hydro2 Facial?

The side effects of the 3D-Hydro2 Facial are minimal and usually do not last long*. The most common side effect is temporary redness and mild swelling, which generally subsides within a few hours. Other possible side effects include tenderness, and dryness. A full list of side effects cautions and contraindications will be discussed at your face-to-face consultation.
Results can be seen from the first session and improve throughout treatments.

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Get a 3D-HYDRO2 FACIAL?

what is the best facial treatment?
You need clear, makeup-free skin during summer and warmer months, so you want it to look its best! When the sun is out, applying makeup to hide blemishes and flaws may be messy, hot, and not practical. Even though the long summer days might be fantastic, some environmental side effects, such as extreme heat and a high UV index, can weaken and damage your skin, regardless of your skin type.
With the use of a gentle massage and a variety of potent and nourishing ingredients, 3D-Hydro2 Facial treatments can improve the appearance of your skin while also addressing all your skin needs.
Your skin may endure a lot during the hottest, brightest months, from skin- clogging sunscreen to heavy sweating. This is sufficient justification to exfoliate our skin frequently in the summer. The beauty of the 3D-Hydro2 Facial is that it provides the ideal amount of gentle exfoliation to provide your skin with all the nutrients and goodness it needs without permanently harming it.
No downtime, thanks to instant results!
During the summer, we all want to look our best without spending extended time in clinics when we might be out with friends or traveling on vacation. 3D Hydro2 Facial is fantastic since it takes around 30 minutes, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine with flawless, bright skin.

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