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Crystal Care Clinic

Crystal Care Clinic

Welcome to Crystal Care Clinic, your premier antiaging clinic where elegance and rejuvenation seamlessly come together. We pride ourselves on providing an antiaging experience for men and women that we call "THE RED CARPET EXPERIENCE."
Picture yourself walking down the carpet, basking in the spotlight, radiating confidence and beauty. That's how we want you to feel after each visit to our beauty clinic in Beirut. At Crystal Care, we have carefully curated an array of face and body treatments tailored to fulfil your needs.

"The RED CARPET EXPERIENCE" is more than a slogan; it's our commitment to enhancing your journey towards timeless allure. Our clinic offers modern treatments with expert professionals and innovative technology tailored to your preferences.

We have integrated aesthetics, science and luxury together to ensure that when you leave our doors you look your best and feel like the celebrity that you are.

Every time you step into Crystal Care Clinic, we invite you to embrace your star.
We combine beauty, knowledge, and comfort to make you leave looking and feeling like a star.
Experience the RED CARPET EXPERIENCE”. Every step you take feels like a walk down the red carpet, and every glimpse in the mirror reveals a budding star.

Your journey to timeless allure begins here with all eyes on you. Our treatments improve your appearance and can also help prevent health problems, slow down ageing, and offer non-invasive choices. Looking for a beauty center in Beirut? Crystal Care Clinic provides a luxurious experience to make you feel like a star.



Rola Elkhayat
Rola Elkhayat

“I tried the laser skin rejuvenation treatment and i was very impressed with the results just after few sessions. It improved my oily skin, open pores and my pigmentation. The most satisfying thing that you can reach your goal with zero pain. Best experience with the amazing stuff in the best aesthetic medical clinic in Beirut. Highly recommended.”

Yara Youssef
Yara Youssef

“Best clinic for laser facial hair removal. Love the result, I definitely saw improvement after every session. Best thing is they don't shave or trim the hair and the pain is tolerable.”

Jeff Houeiss
Jeff Houeiss

“4 sessions of PRP Hair treatment! Painless and each session takes 15 minutes max! Thank you for the amazing results that are very obvious! Crystal care clinic is really the best aesthetic medical center in Beirut. They add vitamin boosters and activators with the PRP hair which is why I have the best result! I advise whoever suffers from hair loss or light hair, to do it! Best doctors and staff!”

Rita Bou Sader
Rita Bou Sader

“So I had the best experience at the medical crystal care clinic for the laser full body treatment. It is the best and the most effective and beneficial one in Lebanon! Plus the staff and service is red carpet! 5 Stars!”

Myriam Stambouly

“It was truly a red carpet experience from the moment you enter the clinic until you leave! The service was amazing and the staff were welcoming and professional. I’m genuinely satisfied with my results . Thank you CCC!”

Aline Ajjoub
Aline Ajjoub


“The facial was amazing. They put a a lot of facial products ( collagen, hyaluronic acid.....) and use some specific facial machines which are exclusive to Crystal Care Clinic , for lifting, hydrating , brightening, anti-aging. The staff is extremely lovely and professional. It was the most wonderful and beneficial experience.”

About Crystal Care

Crystal Care Clinic is a premium anti-aging clinic dedicated to delivering the highest standards in the medical aesthetic field.



Crystal Care Clinic: Demco Crystal Tower, 4th floor, Antelias, Lebanon

Slimit: Demco Crystal Tower, 17th floor, Antelias, Lebanon

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM | Sat: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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