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Description and Benefits

Laser Hair removal Consultation analysis

At Crystal Care Clinic, we believe that the first step to recommend the right hair removal treatment plan for our patients, is a pre-laser hair consultation analysis.

We use a unique device that allows us to define the most suitable type of hair removal treatment for each patient and detect whether there are any intolerances to be considered. In few quick steps, it can:


  • Measure the diameter of hair shaft
  • Reveal the number of hair and hair growth in any given area
  • Assess hair density and thickness.

Results of the analysis are displayed on the large touch screen display via graphs, images and comments. They are also available via a printed report.

This consultation is ideal for comparing results before and after laser treatment or any other hair removal method, and encouraging the use of the best methods available.

With our Laser Hair removal Consultation analysis, we provide our patients with a personal, one-on-one experience and provide them with a personalized treatment plan.

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